The Karate belts and ranks are beneficial in the way that they provide a benchmarking system for both instructors and students. Students can be organised quickly into groups when teaching a large class. A sensei at one glance can know what level a student is and instantly know what syllabus that person is training to.

Of course, students also get benefits from the belt system. They can set short term goals and feel a sense of satisfaction once they meet the next ran as well as confirming that that have progressed their karate ability. When a student reaches a new kyu rank, they are encouraged to work harder to progress again to the next kyu, which is usually a minimum of 2 months in training for junior kyu and 4 months in training for senior kyu. The Hokushin Karate Academy follows a strict grading syllabus for all Junior Kyu Grades (7 year olds and younger), Senior Kyu Grades (8 year olds and older) and Dan grades.(Black belts).

As karate nowdays has many, many young children taking part, the Hokushin Karate Academy has taken steps to ensure that we can accommodate our younger students in a way which they can learn, have fun and flourish in a relaxed, un-pressurised system of progression. Therefore, any student under the age of 8 will start their journey on the JUNIOR KYU GRADES and gradually work their way up the ranks. Upon turning 8 years of age , assuming they haven't already completed the JUNIOR KYU GRADES, they will automatically move over to the SENIOR KYU GRADES and test in a more formal fashion. This ensures that we can avoid the ridiculous scenario of having 7 or 8 year old black belts!

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18th Kyu

9th Kyu

17th Kyu

8th Kyu

16th Kyu

7th Kyu

15th Kyu

6th Kyu

14th Kyu

5th Kyu

13th Kyu

4th Kyu

12th Kyu

3rd Kyu

11th Kyu

2nd Kyu

10th Kyu




Shodan -Ho


(1st Dan)


(6th Dan)


(7th Dan)


(2nd Dan)


(3rd Dan)


(8th Dan)

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